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Blog #93 Your Prospect or Client is Waiting for your next Email or News Letter!

Hello and Happy New Year to all; Ho Ho Ho (Ummmm, maybe that was politically incorrect?)

And so it begins, another year, another budget, and targets galore. As I sit in my office, peacefully I might add, before the inevitable maelstrom resumes in the coming weeks, I’d like to once again rant about one of my favorite subjects, your inbox. Now that I think about it, who am I to preach? This missive you’re reading has landed, well, in your inbox.

As we move into 2018, the world of “digital” marketing and communication is not only alive and well, but flourishing with new and wondrous apps and software offerings, all with the promise of a “point, click, and presto, you have a new client!” option. No need to talk to people directly, or worse yet, meet in person. Egads!

I’m going to jump out on a limb here, and speculate that as your holiday bliss begins to wane, you’re left with newly bloodshot eyes as you glance over the enormity of emails awaiting your attention.

It’s a funny thing. In my business (which basically is about helping B2B sales people use the phone to book meetings with new target prospects) I’m required to “sell” to those who want for nothing more than for their charges to do just that, use their phones and book meetings with new potential customers. And the irony? Getting these people to answer their phones and talk is not such an easy thing. Why? Because they hide behind a labyrinth of technology/people to avoid getting caught on the phone with a sales person. Think about it. The very same people who are constantly pushing, poking, and cajoling sales folks to phone new potential customers, are the very same people who go to extraordinary lengths to avoid engaging with just that, outside sales people, the people who are trying (most often in vain) to do the very same thing!

The point of this harangue? The people, the very same people that are encouraging you, the ones who are directing you, often demanding that you send introductory emails, market up- dates, or product whatever news to someone you’ve never met, because they will be wowed by the astonishing majesty of your “content”, are the very same people that rarely respond to emails from those they don’t know doing the exact same thing.

And what about those you do know? What about the customer or client you have somewhat of a relationship with? What about the customer you have a strong relationship with? How often do you send an email, and your senses tell you they haven’t even been read, never mind responded to?

The fallacy (or hypocrisy if you like) is that the very same “experts” who promote and espouse the wisdom behind point and click communication are the very same people who practically never engage with the unknown in their inboxes.

Think this is just hyperbole? Do your marketing people and sales leaders boast about the mountain of research and evidence (largely perpetuated by the organizations that market point and click solutions I might add) that concludes faceless and voiceless communication works? Why not conduct your own research? Go to the office on your left, go to the office on your right, and ask the occupants, what was the last email you responded to, let alone actually read? How many emails do you delete each day without even opening? How many organizations/email address have they blocked?

Now look in your own inbox, and tell me, how are your emails any different than the ones you’re about to delete?

So what is one to do? Exercise restraint. Be judicious. Appreciate how if feels to be targeted by endless and meaningless emails.

In my business, I’m careful to evaluate and consider each communication I send, before I hit “send”. I give a lot of thought as to whether the email is necessary, and that means to the recipient, not me.

No matter if I’m sending an email, posting to my website, blog distribution list, or LinkedIn, I only communicate when I’m reasonably sure that the message – what ever it may be – is going to be timely, relevant, and likely well received.

If you want a golden rule, then think of it this way. The less you communicate, the more effective your communications will be. Simply put, at least in this case, less is more.

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