The Pursuit of Relationship Capital ®
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The Challenge

The Challenge
Building new client relationships, or reaching beyond the known and comfortable relationship is a challenge faced by most companies in their quest to discover tomorrow’s clients. Culturally, most organizations are challenged by how to obtain, secure and nurture new client relationships.Many business’ struggle with establishing an appropriate status or priority to these necessary yet elusive goals, more new client introductions, more new client meetings, more new client relationships.First Approach is based on the belief that without a relationship, there exists little advantage to transact business in most B2B environments, hence First Approach first and foremost is a field proven method for beginning and developing new client relationships. We term this “The Pursuit of relationship capital®”.

Properly utilized, First Approach dramatically increases the success an organization enjoys in doing business with clients they have yet to meet.

The culmination of over thirty years field experience, First Approach was created to focus on this one specific discipline, offering a comprehensive and simple solution for generating the most new client relationships possible. A curriculum born of having “walked the talk”, First Approach has proven time and time again its effectiveness and universal applicability throughout all B2B sales environments.