Commercial Real Estate Sales is a Complex Process

Commercial Real Estate sales is a complex process requiring industry specific expertise, skills, and behaviours to succeed, let alone excel. It’s a long game. Traditional CRE educational platforms provide support and instruction around the fundamentals of “doing the deal” or “financial analysis” or “property valuation” but often fall short when it comes to coaching the sales processes critical to building a robust and sustainable book of relationship capital.

First Approach High Performance Coaching provides one-on-one coaching to CRE professionals, be they new to the business, or seasoned veterans who find their effectiveness and productivity stagnant, or worse. 

“The program gave me tools and a plan to identify my bigger goals. I was unorganized and no one had ever shown me how to take everything I know and formulate it into a plan to maximize my day and focus on my end goals. I think everyone, no matter what stage of their career in CRE needs help staying accountable to the hard aspects of their job…  First Approach is built for that. The tools provided in the program I would never have been able to come up with on my own. Without a doubt, the program has had a major impact on my income. Before the program, I wasn’t viewed as a major producer, now I am.”

Vice President, Sales Representative


The Pursuit of Relationship Capital. ®

Relationship Capital is the essence of how virtually all B2B business is transacted, but especially in commercial real estate. Our time in the workplace spans years and can often find us engaged across multiple asset classes . What does not change is the people we meet, and the value of the relationships we develop with them. As commercial realtors, relationship capital is the tangible part of what we take home with us every night, every week, and every year from the people whose paths we cross. It’s the people we work and collaborate with, inside and out; the people who ultimately advocate on our behalf. Relationship Capital becomes the backbone of any commercial realtors curriculum vitae. It is not enough for an advisor to want to succeed, there needs to be those around the advisor that want them to succeed.

"1 on 1 meetings with David bring more than accountability, they demand results. Results by following the plan and not allowing for any excuses. The biggest benefit was getting exposure to the program my first 60 days in the business. I started at 22 years old and my first seminar in commercial real estate was First Approach. I achieved Canadian rookie of the year, top 6 under 6 and reached as high as #2 in Canada among 480 agents. I view First Approach and David as part of the foundation that built my business/career in commercial real estate. I believe First Approach is essential for any broker within their first 90 days of starting in the business. It significantly shortens the learning curve and provides definitive direction in a business where it is challenging to find direction.”

Executive Vice President, Sales Representative


The Challenge

The Process

First Approach High Performance Coaching provides advisors with a personalized, enriched, structured, and intense coaching/learning environment to drive productivity and success at an accelerated pace. First Approach High Performance Coaching employs a process centric vs. result centric methodology.

First Approach implements a step-by-step process centric plan with focus on the day to day, week to week, and month- to-month behaviours, actions, and key performance steps critical to achieving an end goal.  

 First Approach High Performance Coaching supports and mentors advisors throughout the life of the program towards objective and tangible results. The structure provides a strategic course of action, council, advice, actionable recommendations, and accountability. First Approach High Performance Coaching is structured on working a plan vs. planning to work.

“They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. That might be very true, but what you can do is get an old dog to perform the old tricks. I was introduced to the First Approach method after 30 years in real estate. You can get complacent, stagnant, stuck, whatever you want to call it. I needed help, First Approach coaching sometimes tells you things you don’t want to hear, but it gets results. I benefitted from the program tremendously. The program identified what I needed to do to get back in the game.  I am now in my 34th year and things have never been better. The program gave me and the company I have worked for over the last 34 years the results it was intended to do, and I am grateful having been given the opportunity.”

Senior Vice President, Sales Representative

The Program

First Approach is a comprehensive program, not a “sales training” course

First Approach High Performance Coaching equips participants with proven skills and tactics critical to increased connection and face-to-face meetings with new target prospects.

Breaking down and analyzing prospects’ functions and challenges enables First Approach participants to differentiate themselves from that of the typical "cold caller" stereotype, and establish an immediate and professional rapport.

Copyrighted First Approach content includes proven templates and talk tracks to ensure that once prospects answer the phone, they stay on the phone, engage in meaningful discussions, and ultimately agree to meet in person.

“I don’t have a lot of time, so having a program in place that helps me maximize the return on my efforts is important which is exactly what this program has done for me. Having a better understanding of my goals allowed me to refine those goals into more precise objectives. My communication became more concise.  I became focused on the interests of the audience rather than prioritizing my intentions, and from that I became more precise in my messaging leading to more conversations and meetings.”

Senior Vice President, 

Sales Representative

Participants learn to understand the psychology behind traditional prospecting tactics, why these tactics create negative responses, prove to be counterproductive, and ultimately don't work.

Workshop curriculum provides step-by-step instruction to reach prospects directly versus negotiating with assistants and gate keepers.

Numerous techniques, tactics, and methodologies presented provide participants with a concise and personally relevant resource. The First Approach method intensely involves participants, maximizing the absorption of the presented materials and learning experience.

First Approach High Performance Coaching doesn’t focus on results, it focuses on the processes that lead to results

Commercial real estate sales tends to focus on financial targets and goals. How much does an advisor want in gross revenue for the year? What would they like to achieve in professional development? Events they would like to participate in to become better embedded in their specific area of practice? What realtors don’t typically do is break down, or reverse engineer the actual actions, steps, and behaviours required to realize those goals. First Approach High Performance Coaching creates an individualized “blueprint” detailing each of the activities a CRE advisor should accomplish on a day to day, week to week, and quarter to quarter basis so that the process achieves the result

Sustainable structure and discipline

Most advisors are good at doing things they like to do, they should do, or they must do. Where advisors often struggle is in executing against the things they don’t like to do, don’t have to do, or can “do another day”. Discipline, or having the ability to hold one’s own feet to the fire is something most lack. First Approach High Performance Coaching provides the structure, oversight, and accountability that ensures advisors follow through on activities they have accepted as critical to their success, have committed to accomplish, and becomes ensured through the close oversight and supervision the program provides. 

The Pursuit Of Relationship Capital.



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